Montessori Egg Cup

montessori egg cup

The Montessori Method has a unique way of engaging children through its materials.

The materials are simple yet engaging for children. They define the beauty of Montessori. These materials are made of natural and environmentally friendly materials and are safe for children.

They isolate one skill at a time and help children master it using the material, unlike the commercial toys that are flashy and loud, making it difficult for children to focus.

Commercial toys look attractive and allow children to do a myriad of activities which causes a distraction to children as they become overwhelmed with stimulation. It provides no scope for any development or learning in children.

Montessori toys help children develop focus and concentration while providing hands-on play.

It sounds perfect to you, right?

A Montessori egg cup is one such material that is fascinating for children.

Let us learn more about it.

What is a Montessori Egg Cup?

A Montessori Egg Cup is a Montessori material that consists of a wooden egg and a cup.

It can be introduced to babies when they sit and comfortably move around using both hands. It provides good scope in learning for babies when they try to fit the egg in the cup.

They enjoy removing the egg and replacing it in the cup. It comes in muted wood tones and helps children master the ability of hand-eye coordination.

How can children use the Montessori Egg Cup?

This simple Montessori toy is ideal for your child to explore the shapes and try different variations to fit the egg in the cup.

You can guide your child by giving a quick lesson on how to pair both of them.

It is ideal for infants when they sit up and begin shaping their motor skills.

They can start playing with the egg cup early if they enjoy taking things in and out of other things.

Here are the steps you can follow to teach your child to explore the egg cup.

  • Bring the egg cup to the play area and place it on the mat.
  • Demonstrate the activity by taking the egg out of the cup and putting it back. Let your child watch how you are doing the steps.
  • You can also show your child how to hold the egg in one hand and balance the cup in the other, then bring them together.
  • You can sit beside the child and guide their hands.
  • Remember to let the child learn at their own pace.

Initially, your child may struggle to fit the egg in the cup and end up banging them together, but that is fine as they are learning to use both sides of their body.

After trying and practicing for some time, your child will learn to turn the cup upside down and remove the egg.

Children will slowly try to explore and put the egg back in the cup without help.

As the Montessori Egg Cup is simple, they can easily focus and grasp the concept, refining their skills.

Benefits of the Montessori Egg Cup

This beautiful toy is so much fun for children. They also benefit while learning to play with it.

Here are the benefits that the egg cup offers.

  • Although simple, it is visually appealing for children as they get attracted to it instantly. It keeps them engaged and provides a whole-hand grip.
  • It helps children refine their motor skills as they practice placing the ball in the cup and removing it.
  • This egg cup helps develop hand-eye coordination in children.
  • As your child removes the egg from the cup and puts it back, he exercises arm muscles and movement coordination.
  • The activity makes children imaginative as they explore different ways to play with the egg cup.
  • The children observe how the elements in the Montessori egg cup fit together and work through problem-solving, curbing their curiosity.
  • Its smooth texture can be soothing and comforting for children and provides sensory play. It is durable and non-toxic as it is made of wood.
  • They learn about shapes, precision, and accuracy while trying to fit the egg into the cup.
  • The egg cup isolates concepts or ideas that are essential in developing concentration and skills.
  • While playing with the egg cup, your baby learns to use both sides of their body. It is an essential skill that helps in other practical life skills.
    Children learn to use both hands at once. This practice helps build the speed of communication between the brain’s two hemispheres.

You can assist your child in making their play purposeful by following a few simple rules.

  • You can turn off unnecessary distractions, such as the television, mobile phones, or music.
  • Observe your baby. If he lacks interest, it doesn’t mean he has difficulty concentrating. Help him return to his task when he seems ready to play again after a break.
  • Talking to the children about what they are doing is a great way to keep their interest in the task. Once they start to focus, it’s best to stay quiet.
  • Let them explore the surface and texture of the egg cup and use their imagination with it.
  • Remember that it is okay if children move and progress at their own pace. You can guide them but need not take over their learning process.

Where can you buy the Montessori Egg Cup?

Are you thinking of investing in a Montessori Egg Cup for your child? Are you wondering where you can buy this Montessori egg cup?

You can purchase them from any store. They are readily available everywhere.

You can check out Wooden Montessori Egg, Ball, and Cup from

Amazon has some wonderful collections of Montessori egg cups that come in different sizes at a variety of prices.

You can also check Etsy for the Montessori egg cup.

Lcpshop is another option where you can buy the egg cup. You can purchase them from Walmart too.

They are also available in all school stores.

You can also DIY a simple egg cup at home. All you need is wooden cases made from beech wood. You can color them with dyes or watercolors to make them attractive for your child.

Wrapping up

Commercial toys can hold your child’s attention momentarily, as they are entertaining, but usually have fewer or no benefits.

They are brightly colored and loaded with too many features that reduce your child’s ability to concentrate. Montessori toys are simple and provide the appropriate cognitive development for your child.

Introducing your child to a Montessori egg cup can be the ideal gift for your child. It is a must-have learning toy and will be a great addition to your child’s toy collection.

Playing with it requires your baby’s undivided attention and focus. It instills independent play as they practice, but taking up small activities initially, helps children reach their full potential.