• Busy Board for Toddlers
    With your babies turning into toddlers ready to explore everything around them, you will be running out of ideas to engage them. The best way to engage toddlers is to encourage learning through play which is the Montessori idea. Have you heard about a busy board and its versatility in engaging kids? Probably you will… Continue reading Busy Board for Toddlers
  • Montessori Floor Bed
    We all know how Montessori education supports the learning of children through exploring their surroundings. Maria Montessori, who founded Montessori-based education, focused on children having the freedom to explore and be hands-on in their activities to develop creativity, independence, and order in the environment. Parents can apply Montessori principles at home too by creating opportunities… Continue reading Montessori Floor Bed
  • Montessori Kitchen
    With the soaring popularity of Montessori principles, many parents feel the need to implement them at home. As children grow up, they imitate the actions that you do. They love to play around the house exploring things. The kitchen is one of their favorite places where they pretend to work in the way they observe… Continue reading Montessori Kitchen
  • Montessori Toys
    The Montessori system of education has gained immense popularity in recent years. Its widely accepted philosophy of children learning through exploring the world around them has encouraged parents and schools to adopt Montessori education. Children are encouraged to learn through play in this mode of learning. It becomes essential to choose their toys wisely so… Continue reading Montessori Toys
  • Montessori Sensorial Activities
    Humans interact with each other and the environment using their five senses. Sight (seeing) Auditory (Hearing) Tactile ( Touching) Olfactory (Smelling) Gustatory (Taste) Children are highly receptive to developing their senses from 2-6 years of age. Experiences which utilize senses are essential for children at these ages. What are Montessori Sensorial Activities? Montessori sensorial activities… Continue reading Montessori Sensorial Activities
  • Montessori Homeschool and Homeschool Curriculum
    The child-centric approach of Montessori philosophy has been widely accepted due to its numerous benefits. Although the Montessori system was initially designed for classrooms, many families have recognized that introducing Montessori to children in the home has a wide range of benefits, too. By creating an environment at home that aligns with Montessori’s principles, parents… Continue reading Montessori Homeschool and Homeschool Curriculum
  • How to become a Montessori Teacher
    The Montessori method is a scientifically based education approach in which children learn simply by exploring from the world around them. It was introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori along with some other founders. This form of education emphasizes children to be self-guided and hands-on in their learning activities. It applies to all age groups. Montessori… Continue reading How to become a Montessori Teacher
  • Montessori vs Daycare explained
    The initial years of your child are crucial and help them decide the path for their future. They develop abilities and interests that shape their future. The children are more receptive in their early years. It is our responsibility to tap their potential and make it an enriching experience for them. When you start to… Continue reading Montessori vs Daycare explained
  • Montessori vs Waldorf Education
    Being parents is never an easy journey. Parents want to give their children the best of everything possible. Their education is no different. Choosing the right school for your child is an arduous process. With so many public and private institutions operating, it is a tough choice for parents. Many parents choose one of these… Continue reading Montessori vs Waldorf Education
  • Montessori Activities and their benefits
    It is always a challenge to plan the education of your children. We want to give them the best possible teaching according to their needs and interests. The conventional classroom is not ideal for all children. The Montessori method of education encourages self-motivated growth and a sense of independence among children. They learn by exploring… Continue reading Montessori Activities and their benefits