How to choose the Best Pikler Triangle and its benefits

kid on pikler triangle

When you are a parent, it is a challenge for you in every aspect of your growth.

You tend to look for ways to engage your children constructively. The children are always hyperactive.

If they are playing and are busy for some time, you get a sense of relief.

Pikler Triangle will address all your woes for your children. It is exactly what your child needs.

What is a Pikler Triangle?

Pikler Triangle is an eco-friendly and organic toy for children of all ages. It is a simple wooden climbing structure in a triangle with rods across it. The rods act as climbing frames.

It is ideal for children from 6 months up to five years.

The specialty of a Pikler Triangle is that it gets adjusted as your child grows.

Children can play and explore themselves with the Pikler Triangle. They can play new games every day with it. It helps in the cognitive growth and physical development of children.

Are you still thinking if investing in the Pikler Triangle is worth it?

Get a clear understanding of its limitless potential. You will never regret introducing it into your child’s play environment.

How was the Pikler Triangle conceptualized?

It was developed by Hungarian pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler over a century ago. Her idea was that children should be encouraged to learn independently by moving freely and exploring through play.

Her idea developed the Pikler Triangle. She encouraged kids to explore the Pikler Triangle on their own.

She believed it would boost the cognitive growth and physical development of children.

The Pikler Triangle was popular with mothers in the 60s. Parents love it for their kids today too.

How can the Pikler Triangle be implemented in the activities of children?

With children as young as six months able to play with the Pikler Triangle, it is essential to know how children can use it in their play. It is versatile and can fit every age appropriately.

It has limitless usage in indoor play for your children.

Here are some ways children of different ages can use it.

  • Newborn babies can play with it by hanging toys or other elements from the rungs.
  • A six-month-old infant can crawl under the Pikler Triangle.
  • As the child grows, he can hold the rungs and stand.
  • Toddlers (1-2 years old) begin to explore it by climbing halfway and down.
  • Children of 4-5 years old become experts in handling the Pikler Triangle by moving swiftly up and down both sides. They can balance while playing on it.
  • Older children can play with the triangle in creative ways like making forts, puppet shows, a tent with a blanket wrapped around it, and other open-ended play in your child’s imagination.
  • You can add other accessories to expand its functionality to keep up with the interest of your children. Examples are adding a ladder or a slide. You can add another triangle with a ramp to make a bridge.

Benefits of the Pikler Triangle

  • Productive engagement for children – With the versatile quality of the toy, it can keep children engaged for hours. It can let their imagination run wild. They can find creative ways to make their play fun.
  • Improves spatial awareness and coordination – They become aware of what their body is capable of in their surroundings. They can understand their bodies.
  • Helps in gross motor development of the child – It is inherent for every child to jump, climb, and run to develop their gross motor skills. Using this triangle, children can develop motor skills at their own pace. With this, they learn to control their movements before hitting the playground.
  • Strengthen limbs – The children crawl underneath it, lifting themselves and climbing it. These processes help to strengthen their body parts and movement.
  • Builds self-confidence – Playing on their own, they become self-confident in their activities.
  • Develops concentration – The children get involved in the activities with the Pikler Triangle and learn to do it attentively.

Are Pikler Triangles safe?

Whatever activity your children choose to do, supervision by parents is a must. With the Pikler Triangle, you can let them climb, jump, play and watch over them.

Since it will be used by your child the way they are comfortable, you can be assured to be safe.

So far, there have been no safety issues with the triangle. It is similar to any other toy or swings that they play with.

Children keep falling from a sofa or chair at home. It is not something we fear. Similar is the case with the Pikler Triangle.

However, you should follow the specifications provided regarding the age and weight of the child.

How to choose the appropriate Pikler Triangle for your child?

 With a huge variety of products available in the market for kids, it might pose a challenge to select the right Pikler Triangle for your kid.

When you decide to buy one, try to collect as much information as possible.

Here are some tips which would help you in finding just the right one:

  • Ease of setting-up, construction material(check the quality of wood), and sturdiness.
  • Check if it is a certified one.
  • It should be compatible with other accessories like a ladder, slide, or another piece of furniture. It will ensure that it is convertible according to your child’s age and interests. It becomes durable and your kid can enjoy it even if he grows up.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It can be foldable for compact storage.
  • Check the age and weight specifications.
  • Check the height of the triangle. The ideal one is 32 inches. A tall Pikler Triangle can be accommodated in your child’s play as he grows.
  • It should be reviewed for safety procedures by a third party.
  • Check if any accessories like a safety mat are there with the Pikler Triangle.

Where can you buy the Pikler Triangle?

Many well-known sellers in the US like Lily & River, Wiwiurka, Home for Dreams, Sproutkids sell Pikler Triangle of different varieties.

You can also buy from Amazon, Etsy, and Ikea.

You can also DIY your own Pikler Triangle and customize it according to your child’s requirements.

Do not hesitate to buy a Pikler Triangle for your child. It will be beneficial for your children in the long run.

And with the current situation of the pandemic, it becomes all the more important to have it as an indoor game. The children learn while they play safely at home.