Play Schemas

Have you observed your child repeating some actions during play or having food and wondered about the behavior? It is not that your child is getting difficult every time, but he is indulging in play schemas. It is perfectly normal for a child to exhibit play schemas. Let us understand what schemas mean. What are… Continue reading Play Schemas

Best Safe Scissors for Toddlers

Toddlers are exceptionally creative and often represent their thoughts and emotions through creative mediums. Whether it is playing pretend, dancing, making up songs about their day, or drawing all over the house walls.  Arts and crafts projects are a fun way of enhancing and developing the child’s creative imagination.  Toddlers are tiny explorers who are… Continue reading Best Safe Scissors for Toddlers

Prepare Salt Dough for kids in easy steps

Christmas is the exciting, warm, colorful, and definitely, comforting time of the year cherished by almost anyone.  Salt Dough is probably among the creative and exciting reminders of the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas.  Although this colorful battered mixture or concoction looks scrumptious enough to eat! This amazing dough is inedible and is… Continue reading Prepare Salt Dough for kids in easy steps

Prepare Moon Sand at Home, the quick and easy way

Children are active and easily distracted by different objects present in their surrounding environment.  In fact, for the initial six years of their lives, children are highly susceptible to the stimuli in their environment and often explore new information through their senses.  There are myriad toys available on the market that often incorporate unnecessary components… Continue reading Prepare Moon Sand at Home, the quick and easy way

Montessori Egg Cup

The Montessori Method has a unique way of engaging children through its materials. The materials are simple yet engaging for children. They define the beauty of Montessori. These materials are made of natural and environmentally friendly materials and are safe for children. They isolate one skill at a time and help children master it using… Continue reading Montessori Egg Cup

Short Bead Stair in Montessori

Learning Math through the Montessori method is always fun and exciting for children. Maria Montessori believed that children learn more and can retain information for a prolonged period with hands-on learning and using their senses. Montessori-designed materials help children approach math with hands-on, visual, and physical learning aids. These materials allow their mathematical minds to… Continue reading Short Bead Stair in Montessori

Busy Board for Toddlers

With your babies turning into toddlers ready to explore everything around them, you will be running out of ideas to engage them. The best way to engage toddlers is to encourage learning through play which is the Montessori idea. Have you heard about a busy board and its versatility in engaging kids? Probably you will… Continue reading Busy Board for Toddlers

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Montessori Floor Bed

We all know how Montessori education supports the learning of children through exploring their surroundings. Maria Montessori, who founded Montessori-based education, focused on children having the freedom to explore and be hands-on in their activities to develop creativity, independence, and order in the environment. Parents can apply Montessori principles at home too by creating opportunities… Continue reading Montessori Floor Bed

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Montessori Kitchen

With the soaring popularity of the Montessori Method of education, many parents feel the need to implement them at home. As children grow up, they imitate the actions that you do. They love to play around the house exploring things. The kitchen is one of their favorite places where they pretend to work in the… Continue reading Montessori Kitchen

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