Wooden Sensory Toys

Are you in search of some fun and engaging Wooden Sensory Toys that are perfect for play therapy and keeping your child busy for hours on end? 

Toys can be a hit or miss for children, especially when you are in search of toys that focus on developing specific skills. 

Toys are an integral part of the child’s early development process as these exciting specimens help facilitate the development of cognitive, physical, social, emotional, fine motor, and gross motor skills in children. 

Common plastic toys integrate flashy colors, complex components, flashing lights, and distracting sounds that can often overstimulate and overwhelm the child. 

Wooden Sensory Toys can pass perfectly as Montessori toys or Therapy toys as these simple toys spark the child’s natural curiosity by promoting them to partake in self-directed play activities. 

These toys provide children with just the right amount of sensory stimuli to isolate and develop each skill without making the child feel overwhelmed and overstimulated. 

So, if you have some simple and fun Wooden toys lying around or you are interested in purchasing Wooden Sensory Toys for your child, look no further, 

Here is all you need to know about these peaceful, engaging, and captivating toys to help you find the best Wooden Sensory Toys for your child.

What are Wooden Sensory Toys Anyway?

Children rely heavily on their senses for the initial six of their lives to efficiently navigate and maneuver through their surroundings.

These senses also help children identify, recognize, categorize, and distinguish between valuable sensory stimuli to develop an understanding of the world that surrounds them. 

Wooden Sensory Toys are common objects made out of high-quality wood that aim to develop the main five senses in children:

  • Visual Sense (sight)
  • Tactile Sense (touch)
  • Auditory Sense (hearing)
  • Gustatory Sense (taste)
  • Olfactory  Sense (smell)

After refining the key five senses, Wooden Sensory Toys then gradually promote the development of the other two senses ie., vestibular sense (balance) and proprioceptive sense (spatial awareness). 

Wooden Sensory Toys allow children to come closer to nature and partake in open-ended self-directed play activities. 

These toys provide children with the appropriate amount of sensory stimuli to help isolate and develop each sense without making the child feel overstimulated or overwhelmed.

What are the Benefits of Wooden Sensory Toys?

Wooden Sensory Toys are a great way of incorporating valuable and meaningful sensory stimuli to keep your child engaged for hours on end. 

These toys can be more than just fun sensory experiences for children to enjoy, in fact, Wooden Sensory Toys facilitate holistic development in children. 

Each toy comes with both stationary and moveable components that help facilitate the development of cognitive, physical, gross motor, fine motor, social and emotional skills in children. 

Furthermore, Wooden Sensory toys also allow children to understand the concept of cause and effect during the early stages of development.

Here is a list of some benefits your child will enjoy while playing with wooden sensory toys:

Safe and Durable:

Most common toys are made from hollowed-out plastic that can break easily often incorporating smaller moveable parts that can pose a choking hazard for younger children. 

Other sensory toys are coated with hazardous paint that upon ingesting can lead to serious health repercussions. 

Wooden Sensory toys are a great way of promoting uninterrupted open-ended self-directed play the child can enjoy without any adult assistance. 

Wooden Sensory Toys are made from non-toxic and high-quality wood that is safe for the child to play with. 

Wooden Sensory toys are also highly durable and strong as they are made from solid wood that is totally baby toss and topple-proof.

Promotes Cognitive Development:

Toys have seldom been a part of the child’s cognitive development as most traditional toys involve components such as flashing lights, loud noises, and unnecessary moveable parts that are more of a distraction. 

Wooden Sensory Toys are a great way of facilitating cognitive development in children as these calming and simple toys integrate valuable sensory stimuli to help the child develop their attention span, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. 

Enhances Creative Imagination:

Children with the help of Wooden Sensory Toys are able to enhance their creative imagination through open-ended play. 

Wooden Sensory toys not only help facilitate sensory development in children but also allow children to indulge in pretend play and even role play. 

These play activities also help children develop their social skills in children as these toys promote children to partake in collaborative activities.

Develop Fine Motor Skills:

Fine motor skills are abilities or movements produced by the fine or smaller muscles present in the hands, wrists, and fingers. 

These abilities govern movements such as writing, holding, grasping, sorting, and gripping. 

Wooden Sensory Toys integrate smaller components that can be great for developing the child’s fine motor skills by promoting the child to manipulate and maneuver the components. 

Develops Gross Motor Skills:

Gross Motor Skills are abilities or movements produced by the larger muscles present in the arms, legs, back, and torso. 

These abilities allow individuals to perform tasks such as walking, crawling, running, jumping, and bending. 

Wooden Sensory Toys like balance boards, push-and-pull toys, and tricycles are a great way of facilitating the development of gross motor skills in children. 

Allows the child to come close to nature:

Lastly, Wooden Sensory toys are not only child-safe and child-friendly but also environment-friendly. 

These toys are often made with sustainable manufacturing practices and have close to no carbon footprint. 

Playing with all-natural high-quality wood allows children to come close to nature and the natural world that surrounds them. 

A List of the best Wooden Sensory Toys for Children:

Toys can be a hit or miss especially if you are looking for toys that promote the development of certain skills in children.  

Since finding the right toy can be quite bewildering and perplexing for most parents, here is a list of some of the best Wooden Sensory Toys for children:

1. Lovevery Comprehensive Wooden Block Set:

The Loevery Comprehensive Wooden Block Set is a great way of developing your child’s fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and creative imagination. 

This fun toy integrates different vibrant colors to promote the development of visual sense in children. 

This wooden sensory toy incorporates multiple sets of puzzles like peg boards and geometric block sets among other different block set activities that help develop your child’s problem-solving skills and critical thinking. 

2. Earthy Tween 7 Piece Rainbow Bend and 5 Piece Geometric Shape Sorter:

This Wooden sensory toy is made from great-quality wood and promotes the development of fine motor skills and cognitive skills. 

This toy comes with a hardwood 7-piece rainbow nesting set and a 5-piece wooden geometric shape sorter that helps the child develop categorizing skills as they play. 

3. Pull Along Wagon Cart:

Push and Pull Toys are a great way of developing your child’s gross motor skills and preliminary skills required for walking. 

This wooden pull-along wagon cart is a vintage-style cart with a seating compartment where your child can keep their belongings. 

This wooden sensory toy also promotes the development of social skills and creative imagination in children by prompting them to partake in pretend play activities. 

4. Manhattan Wooden Toy Company Musical Lili Llama:

Musical Toys are a great way of developing your child’s creative imagination, auditory sense, as well as their gross motor and fine motor skills. 

The Manhattan Wooden Toy Company creates some of the best wooden toys for children with this fun musical toy being no exception. 

This adorable and aesthetically pleasing wooden sensory toy comes in the shape of a Llama with different surfaces that produce different sounds. 

5. Areaware Wooden Balancing Block:

The Areaware Wooden Balancing Blocks are another simple yet fun Wooden sensory toy that helps children develop their concentration and problem-solving skills. 

This fun toy incorporates a set of different multifaceted stone-shaped blocks that are to be stacked upon each other. 

The child develops their problem-solving skills, attention span, and critical thinking by finding the right surfaces of the blocks to stack on. 

6. Wooden Teething Beads:

Teething toys are another staple in any household with a tiny infant. This wooden sensory toy is made from all-natural and ethically sourced rubber wooden your child can bite, chew, and squeeze on. 

This toy is a great way of stimulating the child’s tactile sense, gustatory sense, as well their visual sense during the early stages of development.

7. Petit Activity Cube:

Activity Cubes are a great way of catering to your child’s sensory needs and requirements and can be a great portable alternative to sensory boards. 

This fun wooden sensory toy is made from high-quality wood and natural paints making it suitable for children to play with. 

The Petit Activity cube has different surfaces with different puzzles and activities your child can engage in and play with for hours on end. 

8. Hape Wooden Tricycle:

The Hape Wooden Tricycle or the Hape Scoot Around Ride on Wood Bike is a great way of developing your child’s gross motor skills and fostering their independence. 

This toy is great for outdoor play activities and self-directed play activities for both toddlers and preschoolers. 

9. Grimms Wooden Stacking and Nesting Toys:

Stacking and nesting activities are a great way to develop your child’s visual sense and categorizing skills. 

This Wooden sensory toy comes in different shapes of varied dimensions in different vibrant colors that the child is promoted to stack on each other.

10. Activity Walker:

The Activity Walker is a great Sensory toy closely resembling a busy board that integrates different manipulative components the child can interact with. 

This wooden sensory toy comes with a large activity board standing upon wheels that fashion different activities to promote the child’s fine motor and facilitate sensory development