Best Craft Accessories for Kids

Finding the right crafts, accessories, and supplies for kids can become a perplexing task, especially when you do not know where to begin.

Children thoroughly love getting their hands dirty and interacting with different craft materials to create their own masterpieces. 

Arts and crafts activities are an essential part of the early childhood curriculum, which not only allows your child to creatively express themselves, but also provides them with all the tools required to develop essential skills. 

Glue sticks, glitter, scissors, tape, colored, crayons, stickers, decals, paper, rhinestones, ribbons, and a hot glue gun are among craft accessories staples for any craft station. 

If you are a parent who is looking for fun craft accessories and supplies to set up an arts and crafts station, choosing the right craft accessories is a must. 

Whether your child loves to make paper mache sculptures or enjoys the craft of scrapbooking, keeping the right supplies for crafts in stock often becomes more stressful than most parents can handle. 

For parents or immediate caregivers who are looking for the best craft accessories and supplies for kids, but do not know what to buy, do not worry. 

Here is all you need to know about craft supplies for children to find the Best Craft Accessories for Kids that you must have in your craft station. 

Where can you find the Best Craft Supplies and Accessories for Kids?

It can be quite difficult to find stores that carry effective and age-appropriate craft supplies and accessories for kids. 

Craft supplies and craft accessories for kids must be non-toxic, child-sized, and safe for the child to use. 

Here is a list of some of the best stores that carry kid-safe and kid-friendly arts and crafts accessories:

  • Target
  • Micheal’s
  • Dollar Tree
  • Goodwill
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Oriental Trading Company

What should you look for when shopping for Craft Accessories for Kids?

Kids and toddlers have the tendency to get their hands dirty and put things in their mouths when playing with different materials. 

Hence it is important to find products, supplies, and accessories for kids that are not only kid-friendly but also non-toxic and child-safe to avoid any unintended accidents. 

The most important marker to look for when purchasing craft accessories and supplies for kids is the ACMI symbol denoting a product that is non-toxic and safe for children to play with.

You should also look at the label demarcating the age group the craft accessories are targeted towards to provide your child with age-appropriate craft supplies. 

Lastly, purchasing products that are labeled as “Made in America” is a great way of purchasing high-quality products. 

A list of the best Craft Accessories for Kids:

Crafts activities are a fun and exciting way of allowing your child to develop their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, critical thinking, as well as creative imagination. 

Craft accessories and supplies can often be a hit or miss especially when you are unaware of the quintessential craft supplies to splurge on. 

To help you stock up for the at-home kids crafting station, here is a list of some of the best craft accessories and supplies for kids:

1. Liquid Glue

Child-safe and non-toxic liquid glue for kids is a must-have for any arts or crafts project. 

Liquid glues are extremely versatile and can be used beyond bonding two materials together. 

Allow your child to explore new horizons by making their very own slimes, paper mache, and even textured painting when mixed with food colorings.

2. Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are a fun and unique way of adding a personalized touch to any crafts project involving playdough, kinetic sand, slime, or moon sand

These cutters can be used for purposes beyond baking, however, it is best to invest in plastic cookie cutters to ensure the safety of the child.

3. Pipe Cleaners

It can be quite unconventional to associate pipe cleaners with kids crafting accessories and supplies.n

These flexible and bendy cleaners are multipurpose and can be utilized for creating fun, vibrant, and colorful craft sculptures. 

Allow your child to use their imagination and make their very own accessories, pencil toppers, miniature animals, and flowers among other sculptures using these colored pipe cleaners.

4. Mod podge

Mod Podge is a form of decoupage medium that is used as both an effective adhesive and sealant. 

It is often used in arts and crafts projects to prep, seal, and finish the product and often comes in several different formulas. 

Mod Podge is a water-based glue that is water-resistant and dishware safe, making it perfect for different types of crafts.

5. Googly eyes

Googly eyes are another crafting tape especially when your kid loves to add life to their work. 

Googly eyes are a fun way of adding a personalized goofy touch to almost anything! Whether it is a cup, hairbrush, or even your hand.

6. Kids-safe scissors

Scissors are another crafting and stationary staple to make or create any fun crafts project. 

However, common scissors can often be too big and dangerous for a child to use, hence it is best to invest in kids-safe scissors. 

Kids-safe scissors are also referred to as safety scissors, kid’s scissors, children’s plastic scissors, or children’s craft scissors. 

These types of scissors are specifically designed for children and share features such as blunt ends and tips of the blades or even plastic blades to avoid punctures or injuries when used by an unassisted child. 

When compared to normal scissors, kids-Safe Scissors often have shorter blades to ensure safety, accessibility, and precision. 

Looking for the Best Safe Scissors for Toddlers? Learn more:

7. Popsicle sticks

Popsicle sticks are a great way of creating stable craft projects that will for a long period of time as safe keeps. 

You can either purchase plain popsicle sticks and paint them as you please or you can buy pre-painted popsicle sticks for your kids’ crafts projects.

8. Washi Tape

Washi tape can often be a quick fix for craft projects that require an extra touch of color and fun patterns. 

This fun craft accessory for kids is a great way of adding an extra touch of patterns and style to any arts or crafts project.

9. Pom Poms

Pom Poms are another fun and vibrant craft accessory for kids that can add a touch of color and texture to any art or craft project. 

These furry and fluffy pom-pom balls come in varied sizes and styles that add extra dimensions to any fashion or holiday-related crafting project.

10. Low-Temperature Glue Gun

Glue guns are a quick fix for any crafting mishap or hurdle. These types of adhesives come in the form of electronic guns to heat up the quick-drying adhesive sticks that harden after a few seconds of application. 

Since most hot glue guns come with extremely high-temperature settings, it is best to invest in a low-temperature setting hot glue gun for your kid.

11. Felt and Foam sheets

Felt and foam sheets are versatile craft accessories and supplies for kids that help add an extra dimension to any crafting project. 

These foam and felt sheets come in different colors and even have glitter variants that can be found in any craft supply store or online in bulk.

Some foam glitter sheets also come with their very own adhesive backings making them perfect for quick and easy craft activities. 

12. Paper Plates

You may be wondering how exactly paper plates are connected to kids crafting supplies and accessories.

Paper plates are a fun way of making sturdy craft projects such as frames, flowers, animals, and even masks. 

13. Glitter

Glitters, although can be highly messy, are a great and efficient way of adding a touch of sparkly magic to any boring craft project. 

In fact, glitters are perfect for decorating any occasional craft project like Christmas decor, or even birthday presents. 

14. Yarn

Yarn is another versatile craft accessory for adding extra texture, dimension, and movement to any fun craft activity. 

Yarns can be used for making three-dimensional paintings, designing over cups, and even assembling banners.

15. Washable Paint

What better way to add a touch of vibrant color to a craft project than by painting different designs? 

Allow your little Picasso to paint away their imagination with these easy-to-wash and easy-to-use washable paints that are not only a craft must-have but also your best friend as they’re totally mess-free.

16. Stamps

Stamps are a great way to easily and effectively print uniform designs on the surface, especially if your child loves to make quick 5-minute craft projects. 

Stamps come in different shapes and even sizes and fashion almost any shape you can think of from numbers, and letters, to even animals. 

17. Buttons

Buttons go beyond being a fun addition to your child’s crafts supply collection.

While buttons can be a fun accessory to add to your child’s designer sculptures, they are also beneficial for developing your child’s fine motor skills and even sorting skills. 

18. Feathers

Feathers come in different sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and patterns making them a perfect addition to any crafting station. 

Feathers can be easily used for any fashion or nature-related craft project to help add a realistic touch. 

19. Paper Punch

Paper Punch sets come with different-shaped punch holes that can be used to make at-home DIY decals perfect for beautifying any craft project. 

20. Jars and Mason Jars

Jars and Mason jars, although not directly used as an art or crafts supply, are great for storing, organizing, and displaying all your child’s crafts accessories and supplies in one place. 

If you like to keep things extra organized and categorized, you can also use name tags and labels on the jars to mark different craft accessories for kids.