Best Safe Scissors for Toddlers

Toddlers are exceptionally creative and often represent their thoughts and emotions through creative mediums.

Whether it is playing pretend, dancing, making up songs about their day, or drawing all over the house walls. 

Arts and crafts projects are a fun way of enhancing and developing the child’s creative imagination. 

Toddlers are tiny explorers who are always searching for learning new information and making sense of the world around them. 

Art or craft projects are fun to introduce creative aspects of life that are not incorporated into the traditional curriculum. 

There comes a time when your time where tiny toddler wants to explore new possibilities for expressing their creativity and it often requires more than just colorful markers and a piece of paper. 

Scissors are an ideal tool for creating wonderful craft creations but are seldom added to a toddler’s stationary kit due to some very valid concerns. 

If you are a parent or an immediate caregiver who wants to teach them how to use scissors effectively but does not want to put their safety in jeopardy, do not fear, as Toddler-friendly safe scissors have got you covered. 

Here is everything you should know about Safe-Scissors to help you find the right Safe-Scissors for your creative toddler.

What are Child-Safe Scissors?

Child-safe scissors are also referred to as safety scissors, kid’s scissors, children’s plastic scissors, or children’s craft scissors. 

These types of scissors are specifically designed for children and share features such as blunt ends and tips of the blades or even plastic blades to avoid punctures or injuries when used by an unassisted child. 

When compared to normal scissors, Child-Safe Scissors often have shorter blades to ensure safety, accessibility, and precision. 

What is the ideal age for children to start using scissors?

The simple answer to this question is as soon as the child begins to show an active interest in using the tool. 

In fact, children begin to properly hold and manipulate scissors as young as 2 years of age, however, the fine motor skills to masterfully maneuver and use the scissors develop in children by age 6. 

The skill of using scissors requires hand-eye coordination and often develops in children gradually, starting from cutting jagged lines to eventually cutting shapes. 

Can Toddlers use Scissors?

Children can start using child-safe scissors, as soon as they begin to show an active interest in using the tool. 

Even though the child is not fully ready to skillfully maneuver and manipulate scissors, you can always introduce the tool to your child to help them understand how to use the scissors. 

With toddlers, it is integral to vigilantly supervise and monitor the child as they partake in activities involving scissors. 

It is the parent’s responsibility to teach their toddler to properly grip the scissors and how to efficiently use the scissors. 

It is important to note that during the early stages of learning how to use scissors, the child may not have the appropriate muscle strength to hold the scissors, however, a little bit of practice will facilitate the learning process. 

In order to teach the toddler how to properly cut and grip the scissors, you can start by teaching them how to cut play dough or even plastic straws a couple of times a week.

It is important to remember that learning how to use scissors is a gradual process and must require patience and hard work on both parent’s and the child’s ends.

Ideally, fine motor skills begin to develop in children when they turn 2 years of age, hence art activities involving scissors are great for toddlers. 

By the time the child turns three years of age or older, they will begin to create visibly precise cuts on a sheet of paper. 

List of best Child-Safe Scissors for Toddlers:

There is a wide range of Child-Safe Scissors available in the market that is different in terms of style but often provide the same purpose and benefits. 

To help you find the right Child-Safe scissors that ensure the safety of the child and accommodate the needs and requirements of the child, here is a cut short list of some of the best Child-Safe Scissors:

1. Westcott Training Scissors:

The Westcott Training Scissors as the name suggests is one of the best scissors for training toddlers how to effectively use the scissors. 

These scissors have two extra holes for the toddler to have an extra grip while cutting and a blunt tip to avoid unintended accidents and punctures. 

The extra holes make it significantly easy for the child to masterfully maneuver the scissors and even make precise cuts. 

2. Fiskars Preschool Training Scissors:

Training your tiny toddler how to efficiently use scissors is not only fun but also integral for the development of their fine motor skills. 

The Fiskars Preschool Training Scissors are one of the best ways of teaching your toddler to learn how to properly grip and use scissors. 

This scissor can be regarded as the training wheels of scissors as it gradually builds the child’s ability to master the skill of manipulating the scissors. 

The Fiskars Preschool Training Scissors come with a lever that opens up the blades as the child cuts through. 

Once the child has reached the optimum level of using the scissors, all you have to do is flip over the lever to promote the child to use the scissors the traditional way. 

3. Nienhuis Toddler Scissors 9cm:

A Montessori Version of Training Scissors for toddlers, the Nienhuis Toddler Scissors are great for Montessori Homeschooling. 

These Scissors are small, accessible, and perfect for children with tiny hands! They also come with blunt ends that are sharp enough to just cut through paper. 

4. Mudder Loop Handle Self-Opening Scissors:

The Mudder Loop Handle Scissors are great for children who are still establishing and developing brier fine motor skills. 

These scissors are self-operating and are great for training children as well as developing their fine motor skills. 

The Loop Scissors also have blunt ends that prevent punctures or poking and are great for children with special needs as they are easy to use. 

5. Crayola My First Safety Scissors:

The Crayola Safety Scissors come in a pack of three with variations of straight, zig-zig, and wavy blades to amplify the child’s crafting experience. 

All three scissors come in bright colors, are made from plastic, and have blunt ends to avoid unintended accidents.

6. Wescott Left-Handed Scissors for Toddlers:

The Wescott Left-Handed Scissors will not leave your toddler feeling “left out”. 

The Wescott Left-Handed Scissors for Toddlers come in a pack of two vibrantly colored scissors with blunt ends to avoid poking or puncturing. 

7. LIVIGNO 5” Small School Student’s Blunt Tip Kids Craft Scissors:

The LIVIGNO Blunt Tip Kids Craft Scissors come in a pack of three with their corresponding colored caps to keep things safe and contained. 

The Scissors have a short 5” sharp blade that is perfect for cutting through poster boards. 

8. JIALEEY Plastic Child-Safe Scissors: 

The JIALEEY Plastic Child-Safe Scissors are great for children who are still learning how to properly manipulate the scissors. 

These scissors come with a lever that opens the blade every time the child cuts through paper. 

These plastic scissors with a lever are one of the safest ways of teaching your toddler to learn how to use scissors.