Safe and Non Toxic Glue for Kids

While there is no shortage of glues in the market with a solid hold, finding the perfect glue safe for toddlers and elementary kids can be pretty perplexing. 

If you are a parent of a tiny toddler who likes to explore things tactically, finding safe and toxic glue is imperative. 

Believe it or not, if you have a tiny preschooler or toddler who likes to taste the goopy adhesive every time and again, you are not alone. 

Why kids eat glue can be a confusing question to tackle for most parents, however, if you find your younger one getting their hands dirty in some glue, it might be your chance to make a switch to safer alternatives. 

Furthermore, the fumes of a traditional strong-hold adhesive are very harmful to your overall health. 

If you are a vigilant parent looking for safe adhesives but are unable to find liable non-toxic and safe glues for children, do not panic.

Whether it is for arts and crafts or it is for household use, here is all you need to know about safe and non-toxic glues for kids to find the one that is suitable for your needs and requirements. 

Why should you purchase Non Toxic Glue for your kids?

Arts and crafts projects are the best way to facilitate the development of creative imagination and tactile sense by promoting open-ended play. 

In fact, allowing children to get their hands dirty and create new crafts models is the best way to promote them to express themselves. 

From making DIY pencil holders with ice cream sticks to adding a touch of sparkle with glitter,  glues, and adhesives are an important part of any crafts project especially if your younger one has a vivid imagination. 

But the stronghold glues that effectively hold together anything, often cause more harm to your child’s overall health than you may think. 

Many types of generic glue and adhesives contain a concoction of nasty chemicals and solvents that are highly effective but equally harmful. 

The simple answer for purchasing safe and non-toxic glues for kids is mostly to ensure the child’s safety. 

The term “non-toxic” pertains to items that are free from harmful chemicals, solvents, and additives that may affect the child’s health negatively. 

Generic strong-hold glues integrate harmful ingredients that can cause severe reactions when they come in contact with the skin. 

While getting glue on the hands is unavoidable, finding children eating glue is also not uncommon. Hence it is best to find safe and non-toxic glues for children to avoid unintended accidents. 

Furthermore, there are some glues that contain poisonous components that when ingested can lead to a myriad of health problems.

What do Toxic Glues Contain?

Glues and adhesives are an essential part of any creative crafts project, especially when you have pretty rhinestones and colorful glitters to enhance your crafts project. 

Crafts supplies are tricky equipment to choose from especially when children come in direct contact with sharp scissors and sticky adhesives. 

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your child and curate a child-safe and child-friendly learning environment. 

While finding child-friendly scissors can be fairly easy to identify, glues on the other can be a tricky component to select. 

Generic strong-hold glues contain a myriad of nasty ingredients that parents must have an eye for when shopping for their child’s stationery supplies. 

Here is what you can find in common glues and adhesives that may cause health issues if ingested or even inhaled:

  • Toluene
  • Xylene
  • Ethanol 
  • Light Aliphatic Naphtha
  • N-Hexane
  • Polyvinyl Acetate
  • Alcohol
  • Petroleum-based products

The ingredients often emit dangerous and toxic fumes that can cause anxiety, severe headaches, nausea, difficulty in breathing, and in some worse cases trigger seizures. 

Are Glue Sticks Non Toxic and Child Safe?

While there is a fair share of glues that contain toxic glues in the market, there are also myriads of child-safe and non-toxic available for your younger one to play with. 

However, it is a parent’s responsibility to stay vigilant and carefully read the non-toxic labels when purchasing glue for your kid.

If you are a parent of an elementary grader, you know that glue sticks are among the most common craft supplies for any child. 

Not only are these sticks easy to use, mess-free, and effective, but they are also child-friendly and non-toxic.

A list of the Best Safe and Non Toxic glues for Kids:

Finding effective non-toxic and child-safe glues can be a daunting task especially when you cannot go through every ingredient on the content list. 

To help you find the best child-safe and child-friendly glues for your child, here is a list of some effective, safe, and non-toxic glues for kids:

1. Tessa Bunny Organic Glue

The Tessa Bunny Organic Glue is not only non-toxic and child-safe but it is also eco-friendly. 

It is not only good for arts and crafts but can also be used for party supplies and creating your slime. In fact, the Tessa Bunny Organic Glue comes in a half-gallon size that can be perfect for slime makers.

This non-toxic glue is non-GMO and is made from all-natural ingredients like citric acid, quinoa protein, pea protein, paper wood, sea salt, and cornstarch.

2. Tesa Eco Glue Stick

The Tesa Eco Glue Stick is another non-toxic and organic glue your child can play with that is exactly like a common glue stick. 

By keeping every need and requirement of the child into account, Tessa has created glue sticks that are made from 100% organic materials and has a cap with deep ridges that do not roll away. 

3. Ukkie Kids Glue:

Ukkie Kids glue is a non-toxic and child-friendly glue that is made in Europe from the finest ingredients. 

While this glue is child-safe and non-toxic it is recommended for lightweight crafts projects only. 

4. Onyx and Green Plant Based Clear Glue:

The Onyx and Green Plant-Based Clear Glue is not only organic and non-toxic but is also safe for the environment. 

These glues come in both liquid and glue stick types that are made from organic, recycled, plant-based ingredients. 

Since the Onyx and Green Plant-Based Clear Glues are made from naturally sourced materials, you as a parent do not have to worry about harmful and toxic fumes.