Board Games for 4-Year-Olds

If you have a tiny 4-year-old preschooler of your own, you would know that they are incredible, energetic, jolly, enthusiastic, and always in search of new knowledge.  In fact, most children during the preschool stage of development often gain self-control and develop a creative imagination.  By age 4 your child is embarking on a journey… Continue reading Board Games for 4-Year-Olds

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

Are you looking for fun and exciting Outdoor Activities you can introduce to your Preschooler? Whether you are a parent, an immediate caregiver, or an educator, incorporating Outdoor Activities is paramount to help facilitate the holistic development of children, especially during the early stages of development.  Let’s face it being cooped indoors for hours on… Continue reading Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers

Tactile Sensory Toys

Tactile Sensory Toys often come as a calming and relieving aid for parents with an inquisitive and active child.   We all can describe the basic five senses i.e., sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing along with the other two senses i.e., proprioception and the vestibular sense that help us efficiently maneuver through the surrounding environment… Continue reading Tactile Sensory Toys

Wooden Sensory Toys

Are you in search of some fun and engaging Wooden Sensory Toys that are perfect for play therapy and keeping your child busy for hours on end?  Toys can be a hit or miss for children, especially when you are in search of toys that focus on developing specific skills.  Toys are an integral part… Continue reading Wooden Sensory Toys

What are STEM Toys for Toddlers?

Are you looking for some fun toys for your toddlers that simultaneously stimulate learning? If yes, then STEM Toys is a fantastic choice for your tiny toddler.  Every parent or immediate caregiver strives to inculcate a lifelong love for education and learning in their children by providing them with the best tools that stimulate learning. … Continue reading What are STEM Toys for Toddlers?

STEM Activities for Toddlers

STEM and STEAM activities have become popular among many parenting circles willing to incorporate engaging activities that stimulate learning.  Both STEM activities and STEM Toys for toddlers are a great way of catering to your younger one’s developing curiosity.  Along with the toddler stage of development comes the sudden urge and keenness to understand one’s… Continue reading STEM Activities for Toddlers

Sensory Toys for Autism

Autism spectrum Disorder or ASD is often accompanied by sensory, social, cognitive, and emotional issues, making learning and socializing quite difficult.  Children during the early stages of development rely heavily on their senses to develop an intimate understanding of the world that surrounds them.  In fact, the five senses i.e, sight, touch, taste, smell, and… Continue reading Sensory Toys for Autism

What is Sensory Seeking

Children are fun, active, curious, and definitely unique, with each child expressing and experiencing learning and developmental behavior.  Every child has their own individual way of learning new information and interpreting sensory stimuli present in their surrounding environment.  In fact, sensory stimulation and sensory development in children are paramount for optimum development, especially during their… Continue reading What is Sensory Seeking

Toys for Fine Motor Skills

Are you in search of toys that not only stimulate learning but also promote the development of fine motor skills and preliminary skills?  Learning to use their hands to perform intricate tasks is among the major developmental milestones that most children often face hardships developing and performing.  Grasping their teething toy, rattling keys, opening door… Continue reading Toys for Fine Motor Skills

Educational Toys for Children

Are you looking for toys that go beyond just entertaining your child? Educational toys for children are a great way of promoting holistic development through open-ended autonomous play.  Children especially during the initial stages of their development are highly curious and often rely upon their senses to make sense of the world that surrounds them. … Continue reading Educational Toys for Children