Best Glue for Kids Craft

Arts and Crafts are more than just fun activities for children to indulge in, in fact, these activities are among the best mediums to enhance the child’s creativity and imagination.  Another benefit of allowing your child to indulge in arts and crafts is to facilitate the development of their gross motor skills and fine motor… Continue reading Best Glue for Kids Craft

Montessori Prepared Environment

The Montessori Method of education is more than just an educational tool, it is a lifestyle choice, which is evident in the Principle of Montessori Prepared Environment.  The Montessori Method of education is a century-old pedagogical tool developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907, to efficiently facilitate education for optimum holistic development.  The Montessori Method… Continue reading Montessori Prepared Environment

Montessori Practical Life Activties

children are able to develop at their maximum potential when they are provided with ample opportunities to freely and willingly partake in meaningful learning activities. Hence it is the parent’s and educator’s responsibility to provide the child with age-appropriate learning activities to facilitate development and stimulate learning. The Montessori Curriculum comprises all the aspects that… Continue reading Montessori Practical Life Activties

Montessori Environment At Home

Are you a parent or an immediate caregiver looking for ways to set up the Montessori Environment, but need help finding effective ways to integrate the Montessori philosophy at home? Let’s face it, the Montessori Method of education is an effective educational tool that goes beyond the classroom and basic curricula.  This pedagogical philosophy provides… Continue reading Montessori Environment At Home

Parallel Play

While play and activities involving open-ended play are often looked over as being frivolous or distracting for the child, these activities are integral to their development process.  Especially during the early childhood development process, play is one of the major mediums of learning for children.  For the initial six years of their lives, children are… Continue reading Parallel Play

Play Food for Kids

Have you ever noticed your toddler or preschooler playing pretend in the corner with objects that resemble household items?  If yes, then you may be wondering why and how this form of play can help with your child’s cognitive and motor development.  Believe it or not, pretend play is more than just having a fun… Continue reading Play Food for Kids

Why toys are important for a child’s development?

You might have noticed your child actively venturing out and running around the house discovering new objects in the surrounding environment. Children during the initial stages of their life are highly susceptible to the stimuli present in their surroundings.  Children often explore new information and objects on the basis of their senses to make sense… Continue reading Why toys are important for a child’s development?

What is a Sensory Room and its Benefits

Traditional kindergarten and preschool classrooms are best described as busy, with children partaking in collaborative play activities, brightly colored furniture, and exciting flashy toys.  Classrooms especially for preschoolers and kindergartners can be extremely noisy, busy, and distracting.  For children with behavioral disorders such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) or developmental disabilities such as ASD… Continue reading What is a Sensory Room and its Benefits

Sensory Activities for Autism

Learning can be quite difficult for children diagnosed with learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and developmental disorders.  Autism is one such developmental disability that is caused by differences in the brain that can affect the child’s cognitive, emotional, and social skills significantly.  Associating open-ended play activities with learning and education seems quite unconventional to most parents. … Continue reading Sensory Activities for Autism