Best Mattresses For Pack and Plays

Mattresses are essential for a good night’s sleep and happy dreams, hence finding the best mattress for your toddlers or baby’s pack and play. 

Pack and Plays are travel-friendly, versatile, compact, and portable cribs that can also be used as a playpen and a changing station. 

From nap time to tummy time mattresses are an exceptional partner for any crib, floor bed, or pack-and-play. 

As a parent of a baby or a toddler, you would know the struggle of putting your younger one to bed. 

While most pack-and-plays come with a designated sleeping area and a corresponding mattress, these mattresses can be quite uncomfortable, preventing your child from falling into optimum slumber. 

Choosing the right mattress for a developing child can be quite bewildering especially when they have difficulty falling asleep. 

However finding a convertible, foldable, and adjustable mattress for a pack-and-play can become an even more challenging task. 

If you are a parent or an immediate caregiver of an infant or a toddler looking for the best mattresses for their pack-and-play but need to know where to begin, look no further. 

Here is all you need to know about Mattresses for Pack and Plays to find the one that suits your child’s needs and requirements.

What are Pack and Plays Anyway?

Before jumping on to the list of the best Mattresses for pack and plays it is important to know what pack and plays precisely are.

Pack and Plays also known as Pack n’ Play or Playards are a form of compact and portable crib that can be used by children from birth to toddler stages. 

Pack and Plays are convenient and safe enclosed spaces for infants and toddlers that can be mobilized to almost any place at home. 

Ideally, pack-and-plays are foldable and lightweight beds that are travel-friendly and portable making them ideal for families that love to travel or live in smaller spaces. 

Pack and plays are highly versatile and can be used for myriads of purposes like a crib, a changing station, and even a bassinet. Pack and plays also come with wheels to help you move the crib from one room to another. 

What is a Pack and Play Mattress?

Just like the pack-and-play itself a mattress for pack-and-play is also developed by keeping portability, comfort, and longevity in mind. 

Mattresses for pack and play are developed and designed to provide your child with comfort and calmness. 

However, these mattresses are also highly durable, convertible, and easy to clean up making them equally beneficial for parents. 

These mattresses are manufactured specifically to fit neatly into the pack-and-play and are foldable making them travel-friendly. 

Some Pack and play mattresses are also machine washable, waterproof, and can even be cleaned up with a cleaning wipe.

What to Look for in a Mattress for Pack and Plays?

While finding the right pack-and-play wasn’t hard enough, finding the right compatible mattress can be an even more perplexing task, especially when you do not know where to begin. 

Although most Pack and Plays come with corresponding and compatible mattresses, these mattresses often lack in terms of comfort. 

To help you find the right mattress for your baby’s Pack and Play, here are some basic elements to look for:

Size of the Mattress:

First and foremost, size is among the most important factors to consider when purchasing a mattress for Pack and Plays. 

While most mattresses are manufactured to easily fit into a standard-sized playard, it is important to keep a note of the measurements as a smaller mattress might have gaps that can lead to potential injuries.

Portability and Foldability:

Mattresses for pack and play should not only be compatible in size with your crib but also have the functions to promote its portability. 

Make sure to purchase a mattress that has easy-to-fold and converting functions or a carry bag to make the mattress more travel-friendly.


Mattresses made from higher-quality materials will be more durable and might last longer than the ones that aren’t.

Furthermore, it is important to look for a mattress that is made from non-flammable, hypoallergenic, and breathable materials to ensure your child’s safety.


Comfort is among the most crucial factors to look for especially when you want your baby to fall into a sweet good-night slumber. 

Make sure to find a mattress for the child’s pack-and-play which is not only sturdy but also soft.


Children can be highly active, curious, inquisitive, and exceptionally messy when they play around. 

Hence, finding a mattress that is machine wash friendly or has a removable mattress cover is important.


The last factor you must consider is the price of the pack-and-play mattress, as many of these mattresses can be quite expensive.

It is best to splurge on a mattress with a middle-of-the-road price point which is not the cheapest in quality and price point but also not as expensive as their higher-end variants.

A List of the Best Mattresses for Pack and Plays:

Once you have considered all the important factors to consider when purchasing a mattress for Pack and Plays it is now time to choose the right mattress for the playard. 

There is a diverse range of portable, compact, and foldable mattresses available in the market that are compatible with your baby or toddler’s Pack and Plays. 

With a variety of Mattresses available in the market, it can become pretty perplexing for parents and immediate caregivers to choose the right mattress for the Pack and Play.

To help you find the best Pack and Play mattress for your child here is a specifically curated list of some of the top-tier mattresses compatible with Pack and Play Playards:

1. Dream On Portable Foam Mattress:

The Dream on Portable Foam Mattress is a Green Guard gold-certified and expertly crafted mattress which is perfect for any Pack and Play. 

Crafted by the experts, this wonderful mattress comes with a firm memory foam surface which is firm enough for the baby to crawl around but soft enough to facilitate a sweet night’s sleep. 

The Dream On a portable foam mattress is a three-inch thick mattress that contains no toxic or harmful substances.  

Furthermore, the Pack and Play mattress comes with a soft antibacterial vinyl cover that is waterproof and helps prevents issues like mold and odor.

2. Hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress:

The Hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress is made from polyurethane foam which provides a safe yet comfortable sleeping environment. 

This mattress features rounded edges and is one inch thick as well as comes with a removable mattress cover that can be tossed into a washer. 

Furthermore, the Hiccaoop pack-and-play mattress incorporates tri-fold technology making it travel-friendly.

3. Spring Spirit Trifold Waterproof Bamboo Mattress:

The Spring Spirit Trifold Waterproof Bamboo mattress is a soft and delicate mattress for Pack and Play which is highly comfortable, breathable, and compact. 

It is made from high-quality jacquard bamboo making it exceptionally comfortable for the baby to slumber on. 

It also integrates an air-bleed system that helps facilitate air flow keeping the mattress nice and cool.

4. Babelio Pack and Play Mattress Pad:

The Babelio Pack and Play Mattress Pad is a convertible and transformable mattress pad. 

This mattress integrates a four-fold technology that can help you convert it from a crib to a playard quite easily. 

This mattress for Pack and Play beds also fashions small holes for ventilation which makes the mattress more breathable and comfortable.

5. Biloban Waterproof and Anti-Slip Mattress:

The award-winning Biloban Waterproof and Anti-slip Mattress are perfect for your baby’s pack-and-play playard. 

Not only is this foldable mattress cozy, soft, and comfortable, but it is also anti-slip and waterproof making it great for both babies and toddlers. 

Furthermore, this pack-and-play mattress is made from a spill-proof, high-quality, machine-washable which does not shrink when washed.

6. Stuffed Tri-fold Pack and Play Mattress:

Lately, the Stuffed Tri-fold Pack and Play Mattress are perfectly compatible with your Graco Pack ‘N Play. 

This Pack and Play mattress is made from high-quality foam with little to no gaps between the folds making it accident-proof. 

This Pack and Play Mattress is comfortable and soft, yet firm enough to promote your child’s safety. 

This mattress is great for children up to the age of 12 months and provides them with the ultimate plush for a sweet night’s slumber.