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Talk at Google: Creating Compassionate Kids
Google-Kirkland (January, 2019)

Creating Compassionate Communities (starting at 26:00 min.)
Oregon State University Extension Conference (December, 2018)

Creating Compassionate Kids” Video Playlist
W. W. Norton & Company (November, 2018)

Commitment to Care (Kleenex Social Experiment)
Kleenex Social Experiment (August, 2016)

Preschool RULER: The Mood Meter in Early Childhood Classrooms
Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence (2016)


Creating Compassionate Kids (February, 2019)

Creating Compassionate Kids and Families
ImpactADHD (September, 2018)

Stop, Think, Act: Promoting Self-Regulation in Young Children (June, 2018)

Selected Articles