Short Bead Stair in Montessori

Learning Math through the Montessori method is always fun and exciting for children. Maria Montessori believed that children learn more and can retain information for a prolonged period with hands-on learning and using their senses. Montessori-designed materials help children approach math with hands-on, visual, and physical learning aids. These materials allow their mathematical minds to… Continue reading Short Bead Stair in Montessori

What do Kids learn in a Preschool

Every vigilant parent wants to track what their tiny toddler is learning in a preschool or is it just all play? While most individuals consider preschools to be just games and fun, these educational institutions contribute more to the child’s development process than one can think of.  In fact, preschools are imperative for the child’s… Continue reading What do Kids learn in a Preschool

How to Baby Proof Furniture

Every parent wants to provide their children with a safe and comfortable environment where children are promoted to indulge in developmental activities.  After six months babies are able to make deliberate body movements such as rocking back and forth, the infant also begins to crawl around 9 months of age.  Most expecting parents get overwhelmed… Continue reading How to Baby Proof Furniture

Calming Corner for Toddlers – Complete Guide

Let’s face it, becoming a vigilant parent of a tiny toddler can be fulfilling but seldom overwhelming and exhausting.  Children during the initial six years of their lives pass through myriad changes both physically and emotionally.  In fact, during the initial stages of development, your toddler is reaching major milestones and trying to make sense… Continue reading Calming Corner for Toddlers – Complete Guide

Why Do Kids Eat Glue

The other day, I was at my sister’s house, and I saw that out of nowhere, my nephew starts eating glue. Apparently, he has been doing it for a while now. It got me thinking, why do children eat glue? If you also have the same doubt, you are in the right place! Let’s dig… Continue reading Why Do Kids Eat Glue

Managing Stress in Children

Whether it is triggered by upcoming exams or by a time-crunching work-related deadline, stress is a normal part of life and something most adults experience at some point in their life.  But did you know that as much stress is a part of an adult’s life, unfortunately in the modern world,  stress occurs in children… Continue reading Managing Stress in Children