Busy Board for Toddlers

With your babies turning into toddlers ready to explore everything around them, you will be running out of ideas to engage them. The best way to engage toddlers is to encourage learning through play which is the Montessori idea.

Have you heard about a busy board and its versatility in engaging kids?

Probably you will look for one for your toddler soon.

Let us understand what a busy board is.

What is a Busy Board?

A busy board is a toy made of a wooden board with different materials that encourage children to learn about new concepts, textures, and materials through play.

It encourages children to use all their senses to feel, touch and explore all the household objects, toys, and materials on the board.

It can keep infants and toddlers entertained and engaged for a prolonged period.

It is a relief and pleasure for parents to see their children enjoy their play driven by curiosity.

The busy boards are not Montessori-based as they do not focus on one skill at a time like the Montessori principle. Still, they are a good option for your toddlers.

There are generally three types of boards according to the style of activity –

  • cube or box-shaped
  • wall mounted
  • lap boards

Benefits of Busy Board for toddlers

  • Toddlers explore and master practical skills by learning about different household objects using a busy board.
  • Since the board has a variety of items to explore, toddlers will not lose attention quickly.
  • Toddlers love doing activities that stimulate their senses. The busy board develops sensory learning through colors, shapes, textures, and numbers and improves hand-eye coordination.
  • It promotes early childhood development like cognitive growth, language development, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills.
  • It encourages social interactions and problem-solving skills.
  • It works in improving their concentration and memory through practice and repetitions.
  • Busy boards encourage independent play and imagination in toddlers.
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence in toddlers as they learn to master the activities with independent play.
  • The items set to the board stay firmly. They create a low or no mess that does not need cleanup later. They are safe to be used by toddlers.
  • It fosters responsibility and independence in toddlers.
  • Parents get some free time with their toddlers engaged in play.
  • Busy boards with sensory plays have a calming effect on otherwise hyperactive toddlers.

Tips on how to choose a Busy Board for toddlers?

Before zeroing in on the perfect busy board for toddlers, there are a couple of things that need to be considered.

  • Whether the materials in the board cultivate independence and responsibility in the toddler.
  • If the current dexterity level of your child meets the requirements of the busy board for toddlers.     
  • You can ensure that it is portable and can fit in the car.

Ideas for a Busy Board for toddlers

There is an all-in-one sensory board that includes multiple activities. They cover several senses.

Themed busy boards are focused on a particular ability or sense. You can choose the board that allows your toddler to learn zippers or buckles or one that includes different types of cloth material, and musical instruments, or one that covers hardware supplies like locks, latches, and hinges.

If you wish, you can also order a customized board with your child’s name.

Here are some busy boards for your toddlers that you can purchase or make at home.

Screwdriver set

It is a set of screwdrivers arranged with a few attached screws. It is made using a beech wood board with rounded edges. It has compartments to organize the screws.

They help in learning practical abilities. They can be handy for toddlers in their DIY projects.

Busy And fun busy board

It has a wooden base and a lot of different elements. It does not have flashy colors and has LED lights and sound functions.

It is eco-friendly entertainment for your toddler.

It helps develop fine motor skills, creative and divergent thinking, individual play, and focus.

You can buy a Busy Andfun busy board from Etsy.

Latches and doors busy board

This board has entertaining features like a voice learning mode that introduces family and counts from 1 to 5. It has a music mode and latches and keys.

This busy board requires batteries.

It might cause overstimulation in kids as it has many features. You can check out VTech Latches and Doors Busy Board on Amazon.

Busy board early learning

Yii Sun busy board early learning is a great preschool learning board that comes as six stand-alone boards.

Toddlers love to explore and do things independently. This board helps them learn to get dressed.

These early learning busy boards teach them by focussing on the skill while putting on their clothes. The large size makes it easy for toddlers to begin work on the skill.

It also has options for doing and undoing zippers, snaps, buttons, ties, buckles, and lace.

This busy board is convenient for travel as it is compact and made of soft material.

Busyboard travel busy board

This board has elements for older kids as well. It is made of high

Busy board – Busy board toddler – Travel busy board uses hands and brains to master the unlocking method.

It trains children to adapt to daily life processing ability.

 It also helps to develop hand-eye coordination skills and practical life skills.

  This board also develops & promotes creativity, patience, and the ability to practice.

Brainup busy board

It is convenient to move from one room to another due to its size. The brainup busy board features latches, gear wheels, a lock with a key, time telling clock, a bell, a switch, a labyrinth, beads, a socket, a gate valve, twitching rings, and lacing. All the toys provide a variety of activities.

It promotes play-and-learn excitement with pegged puzzles and learning to tie shoes for kids.

It is good while traveling by car or plane due to its lightweight.

How can you make a Busy Board yourself?

Do you want to make a busy board yourself at home with all the extra pieces of items lying around?

There are many busy board options available on the market. You can choose one that caters to the skills and interests of your toddler or make a busy board yourself. It’s not that complicated.

If you have budget constraints, making one at home is fine as the ready-made ones are expensive.

You can choose a theme for your board. Like all soft materials, all things blue, all things soft and spongy, or all things that make noise.

There are theme-based busy boards that focus on a particular ability or sense. It could be a board that enables your toddler to learn about zippers or buckles, different types of fabric, and musical instruments, or one that covers hardware supplies like locks, latches, and hinges.

You can make a checklist of the interests of your toddler. Adding a couple of new objects can make it more appealing for your toddler.

Materials required for DIY a Busy Board

1. A wooden or plywood board

Any piece of wood that is big enough to host a couple of fun items. It could be round, square, or rectangular. You can either place it on the floor or hang it on a wall.

Make sure all edges are smooth and splinter-free, and if the paint applied is lead and toxin-free.

2. Bolts/screws/nails/nuts

Depending on the items you choose, they need to be secured with bolts, screws, or nails.

3. Screwdriver/drill/hammer

You will need to drill the screws and nails into the board. You will need a hand drill or a simple hammer for it.

4. Ruler and measuring tape

You have to measure the board size with measuring tape to find a proper spot for each item, with adequate space between them, so the materials do not overlap.

Activities designed for busy boards

Some of the items that you can use are:

Knobs, bells, key chains, xylophones, mirrors, buckles, shoelaces, magnets, small-sized  doors, hinges, different kinds of fabrics, sponges, whiteboards, etc

Safety tips:

  • All items should be thoroughly cleaned before assembling.
  • It is essential to test the board to ensure every material is connected safely to the board.
  • Take precautions for the small parts that may cause choking hazards and pieces that may pinch the fingers.

A busy board can be a fascinating gift to your toddler. It will keep them engaged and provide a medium for learning. Parents can get some time for themselves with no mess around to clear.